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You will hear my personal selections of progressive rock and progressive metal music from some of the most talented and creative artists from around the world.  "Prog" music encompasses a very intelligent approach to creating "listening" music.  Featured  artists include, but not limited to:

 Dream Theater, Enchant, Superior, Darkwater, Symphony X, Pagan's Mind, Sonata Arctica, Jadis, IQ, Magellan, Hourglass, Metro Society, Tomorrow's Eve, Shadow Gallery, Adagio, Arena, Ice Age, DGM, Day Six, Andromeda, Aspera, Astra, Riverside, VoTuM, AtmOsfear, Pyramaze, Teramaze, Threshold, Redemption, Time Requiem, Vanden Plas, Evergrey, Everwood, Lalu, Ivanhoe, Odd Logic, Epysode, Circus Maximus, Dreamscape, Lord of Mushrooms, Presto Ballet, Vision Divine, Anthropia, Status Minor, Port Mahadia, Fates Warning, Sieges Even, Subsignal, Kamelot, Dead Air Radio, Pathosray, Seventh Wonder, Anthriel, Speaking To Stones, The Omega Experiment, Eumeria, & "special" indies

-- and SO MANY MORE!   (click here to see the list as well as tracks from featured albums).

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UPDATE 5/5/2016:  ATTENTION PRM Listeners / ARTISTS!.

I just want to let you know that as of yesterday, PRM lives on at least through 06/04/2016.  I've signed up with StreamLicensing, for now, to make it legal with SoundExchange.  I'm looking at a major increase in my personal, monthly cost and not 100% sure just how much it's going to add up to each month.  A lot of it depends on a little help from the listeners AS WELL AS label companies and/or bands to authorize PRM to air releases "Royalty Free".  


The cost of running PRM is going to depend upon a silly formula set by the powers to be.  It goes something like this.  There are total listening hours (TLH) which is equal to total number of hours each and every listener tunes into PRM, TIMES the number of "performances".  Now here is the silly part: a "performance" is one track played per "each" listener.  For example, if there are 40 listeners tuned into PRM and one track is played, THAT EQUATES TO 40 PERFORMANCES!!!  not ONE (1) --- but 40!  Going further, the TLH times Performances is THEN  further MULTIPLIED by a static factor of .0017.  So, TLH * Performances * .0017 = cost to run PRM.  I'll let you play with numbers if you like.  Frankly, I personally have issues with this formula but are beyond my control.    IMO,  my analogy/logic:  if I'm on stage performing a song for 10,000 people ----it's ONE performance, not 10,000 - right??!!!.   Is there that much of a difference between PRM broadcasting a song versus on stage?


As time goes on, I "may" be asking for donations to keep PRM airing.  FOR NOW YOU CAN HELP ------  PLEASE tune OUT of PRM when you're not listening.  That is, don't leave your player going when away.  This will significantly reduce the TLH -to-performances count and subsequently, my cost!!!  Changes will probably be instituted to PRM to help me here such as disconnecting listeners after a period of time (you would just have to reconnect), and you "may" end up hearing advertisements from StreamLicensing, but only if it will reduce costs --- I still have to work on this.


UPDATE:  5/8/2016 --- LISTENERS --- Please tune in using the links below or the links I've added to the Currently Playing page.  Additional options for using a media player can be seen from when the "Click here to Listen" pop-up opens.  You will see options to select WinAmp, iTunes, Window Media Player, Quicktime, or RealPlayer.  You MUST use these links to tune-in.  PLEASE do not use previously posted IP links to the PRM stream.  By using the stream/players I've made available to you here, PRM becomes compliant with StreamLicensing.


UPDATE:  5/27/2016 -- Still working on this whole streaming/licensing requirement.  Going forward, and I'll be placing a 'policy' letter here on PRM soon, IF YOU are requesting PRM to add your music to PRM, if I do accept to add, I would like your "authorization" to air your material "roylaty free".  This little request will significantly cut my costs and with good fortune on my side, PRM will live on.  This is the most important subject I needed to add to this site.  Again, more to come along with PRM's new "Policy for airing PRM" to focus on the need to "Authorize to air "Royalty Free""


MORE TO COME --- please keep checking here as I get more educated (if that's possible) on this whole situation.   MANY THANKS TO YOU ALL   Will Mangold - email at



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Check this out "PRM Radio is now partnering with Progtopia (Mark Ashby), a podcast produced roughly twice a month that goes in-depth with a band or artist from the fields of progressive rock, metal, or electronic music, many of whom you can hear right here on PRM.  Episodes of Progtopia include music and exclusive interviews with the featured bands that you'll find nowhere else.  Anubis Gate, Sylvan, former Peter Gabriel keyboardist Larry Fast, and more have already appeared on the show.  Visit the site at Progtopia, or search for it on iTunes, to listen to and download all shows past and present.  We'll see you in a land called Progtopia!"  Progtopia Podcasts will appear in the artist listings under "Podcast".


STREAM DOWN INFO:  Yeah, s**t happens!  On occasion, PRM's stream may be down.  It could be one or more of many reasons:  internet issues beyond my control (your end or my end); updating Windoze security patches; unforeseen maintenance such as replacing out a server, or router; power outages which seems to happen way too much, and so on.  I DO try hard to keep any downtime to a minimum.  Just remember -- I love this music as much as you want to listen to it and I want it running all the time!!! 

Email me just in case.